Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Types of Industrial Ceramics - China Supplier of Industrial silicon carbide ceramics

Types of Industrial Ceramics

Types of Industrial Ceramics products have the features of super hardness, high wear resisting, good corrosion resistance, high temperature tolerance, good insulation, precision process, high mechanical strength, good chemical stability and so on. We can make the part by dry pressing, cold isostatic pressing and CNC grinding and polishing etc.

Industrial Ceramics Features:
1. Good thermal shock resistance.
2. Good thermal conductivity.
3. Low thermal expansion coefficient.
4. High dielectric strength.
5. Low dielectric constant.
6. Low loss tangent magnetic.

We can produce Types of Industrial Ceramics, all kinds of ceramic holders, ceramic seal, ceramic substrate, ceramic tubes, ceramic pipe, ceramic ring, ceramic plate, ceramic side bar, ceramic plunger, etc.

Types of Industrial Ceramics widely used in electronic components, electronic device and electric products. Our products meet the international standards.

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