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Hall Effect Magnetic Pole Identifier - China Supplier of Magnetic Pole Detector

Hall Effect Magnetic Pole Identifier

Every magnet has both a North and a South pole. Generally, the South pole is termed positive, and the North negative. Hall Effect Magnetic Pole Identifier can be used to identify the North or South Pole of magnets.

Why use the Hall Effect Magnetic Pole Identifier?
The reasons for using a particular technology or sensor vary according to the application. Cost, performance and availability are always considerations. The features and benefits of a given technology are factors that should be weighed along with the specific requirements of the application in making this decision.
General features of Hall effect based Magnetic Pole Identifier are:
1. True solid state.
2. Long life (30 billion operations in a continuing keyboard module test program).
3. High speed operation - over 100 kHz possible.
4. Operates with stationary input (zero speed).
5. No moving parts.
6. Logic compatible input and output.
7. Broad temperature range (-40 to +150буC).
8. Highly repeatable operation.

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